CBSR has a full-time opening for a new Business Administrator. This person will work with our Executive Leadership Team and be responsible for all Financial Matters, Human Resource Management, Property Management, and more.  The successful candidate will have a degree in Business, Accounting, Management or Finance, or the equivalent of 5-10 years experience in a related field.



1) This full-time position shall be responsible directly to the Senior Pastor and indirectly to the Joint-Board, for the efficient administration of the business affairs of the church and to work with members and staff to achieve the objectives of the church.

2) Responsibilities include overall direction for the daily operations management of the church building, the coordination of all human resources, financial budgeting and reports, accounting including payroll, facilities use, maintenance, purchasing and technology.
3) Maintain professionalism, discretion and confidentiality as the Business Administrator.

Primarily regular office hours Monday through Friday, however, this is a dedicated service and it will be necessary to spend many hours in attendance at various meetings outside of normal hours. Therefore, by mutual agreement, with the Senior Pastor, the Administrator may be allowed to maintain a somewhat flexible schedule. Attendance is required at weekly staff meetings, Board meetings, etc., including Sunday worship services.


1) Personnel Management:
A. Responsible for overseeing human resources for all staff.
B. Assist Personnel Committee in the development and administration of the personnel policies and procedures of the church.
C. Manage all personnel records.
D. Oversee the church’s compliance with federal and state labor laws.
E. Coordinate vacation schedules; maintain all vacation/leave hour totals.

2) Financial Management:
A. Oversee the church finances in the receipt, deposit and disbursement of all funds.
B. Oversee the purchasing process and maintain vendor relationships.
C. Oversee the preparation of financial reports to the Joint-Board and Finance Committee.
D. Oversee the administration of payroll and tax reports for all employees.
E. Oversee the collection, processing, depositing, recording and disbursement of all church monies in accordance with established accounting principles and policies of the church.
F. Work with the Finance Committee to establish budgets.
G. Create and distribute quarterly and year-end Giving Statements.
H. Oversee all banking transactions, wire transfers, etc.
I. Oversee and manage all accounts payable transactions.
J. Oversee the Benevolence Funds and coordinate with those seeking emergency assistance.

3) Property Management:
A. Develop and administer policies and procedures concerning the use of all church properties and facilities.
B. Coordinate the use of church facilities to groups or organizations.
C. Oversee all property and liability insurance needs.
D. Oversee all security personnel and security matters.
E. Supervise and manage custodial staff.
F. Oversee the church grounds, buildings, equipment and all maintenance needs.

4) General:
A. Attend weekly staff meetings.
B. Serve as Chairman of the Deacon Board, prepare agenda for meetings, and attend monthly Board meetings.
C. Maintain current instructions, maintenance contracts, warranties and servicing information for all church-owned equipment.
D. Assist deacons in negotiating the best deals with vendors and contractors; review contracts and performance of contractors and vendors.
E. Responsible for supervising all hired contractors to assure their work in done in a safe, timely, wise and fiscally prudent manner, according to the contract and in a least disruptive manner. Be sure all governmental permits have been secured and are honored.
F. Serve as the purchasing agent for supplies and equipment.
G. Responsible to see that the building is being secured properly by closing personnel.
H. Responsible for all maintenance and repair of office equipment.

5) Role Requirements:
A. Born-again Christian, demonstrating an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ through regular prayer, Bible study and worship attendance, and become a member of CBSR.
B. Degree in Finance, Business, Management or equivalent experience.
C. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
D. Ability to multi-task and manage priorities; strong organizational skills.
E. Knowledge and experience with computer systems, software, accounting, payroll.
F. Reliable and trustworthy.
G. Flexible schedule and able to attend evening and weekend meetings or events, as needed.
H. Maintain complete confidentiality, assist as needed in crisis situations; serve as a helpful caring assistant to interface with the congregation, pastors, staff, and the public.

We offer a salary based on qualifications ($45,000 – $60,000), paid holidays, vacations & sick leave, along with a 403b retirement plan. You must attend worship services regularly at CBSR and become an active member, therefore, having the beliefs consistent with the requirements for membership. You must also be in complete agreement with CBSR’s philosophy of ministry as written in our “Statement of Faith”.

Email Resume and Cover letter to denise@cbsr.org