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World in Revival!

Acts 3:1-6 Now Peter and John went up together into the temple at the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour.  And a certain man lame from his mother’s womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful, to ask alms of them that entered into the temple;  Who seeing Peter and John about to go into the temple asked an alms.  And Peter, fastening his eyes upon him with John, said, Look on us.  And he gave heed unto them, expecting to receive something of them.  Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.

1471776767-2015-ng-in-Manaus-bright--croppedThe Church of Jesus Christ is in transition, just as in the Days of Acts chapter 3. Acts Chapter 3 is sandwiched in the transition of the 1st Century Church.

Acts  1. Jesus Promises Pentecost Power to his disciples. Power to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christians the fulfillment of the prophetic Word of God!

Acts Chapter 2. Power comes into the disciples in the upper room, dispatching them to serve endowed with spiritual gifts & tongues that allow them to overcome any obstacle to their evangelic mission.

The transition of faith to the Gospel of inclusivity unites the Jews and the Gentile.  First establishing a new Jewish Christianity. Then moving toward the (Ecclesia) or the Church. The inclusivity of the Gospel goes even further to establish the Church not as an organization but rather the Body of Christ.




The Body of Christ has been given Holy Ghost Power! Power to…

  1. See the World Different: (v.4-5)(No Longer see strangers)
    • Through the Eyes of God Peter and John Going to the temple to Prayer finally saw a man that had been there the entire time. (But now something is different!)
    • They were able to see what the rest of the religious folks could not see.
    • We have been given Power to see the world different.
      • Through technology, the world is getting smaller.
      • We have been given Hoy Ghost Power to see the world through the eyes of God.
      • What Do we see?  (Broken Humanity) (Starved for God!)
      • They Are Looking for Something… But We Have Jesus!
  2. Reach the World Different:
    • Through the heart of God: When praying people see hurting people we should be moved to compassion
    • Compassion: Is to feel with the heart of God!
    • Christ is our example: Jesus Wept! God So love the WORLD…
    • With Compassion we are moved to reach the World!
    • That Is our mission: To reach the world with the Heart of God! 
  3. Touch The World Different: (v. 7)
    • The Man was laid at the gate every day but this was the first time he had been touched by the power of God!
    • Our mission is to touch the world with the right hand of God.
    • The world will experience revival as we, the Spirit filled people of God, endowed with Power, are equipped & dispatched to touch the world!
    • As we make contact, the Power of God will have the impact.
      • The man received His strength… (By the power of God)
      • The Man stood up…. (By the Power o God)
      • Then he went into the temple and praised God! All were amazed
      • When those that were outside, come inside the Household of faith! All will be amazed!
      • Our Mission is a mission to outsiders! (Come To Jesus Just now!)  Jesus saves!
        • They Can stand when we stand!

We have been called to touch the World in Jesus’ Name.  Then He did three things for the first time walking, leaping and praising God! When The People of God stand for God with a ministry of Contact, God will have an impact not by power nor by might but by my spirit says the Lord!

Let us remember the power that we have been Baptized into has been given to us to see the world different, reach the world Different, and by the spirit of God we are called to impact the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

1ststop in Manaus the Word of God to the Church is that we have been given Holy Ghost Power to witness to the world the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The power of God has been given to the people of God so that we might see the World through the eyes of God. Through the eyes of God There are no disposable people. In the account of Acts Ch. 3, the Lame Man had been laid at the Gate called beautiful every day but now full of the Holy Spirit, Peter and John Actually “See”’ The Lame man!  We too, are to see the hurting and broken humanity around us.

Acts Chapter 3 also teaches us that we are to “Reach The World Different”. When Peter and John saw the lame man they told the man to look  at them. (v. 4.) The Man looked at the apostles expecting one thing… but moved with compassion the apostles made it clearly known that we do not have what you want but we have what you need! This compassion displayed is in fact reaching the world with the heart of God.  As spirit filled believers we have been given power to reach a dying world with a living Savior! As the body of Christ, so often we notice that the World is in fact looking at the church most of the time with misguided expectations. The people of God Have been given divine power to declare to the world “silver and gold have I none; But such as I have, give I thee,  in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Rise up and walk!” (v.6)  We must get back to giving just the Gospel simple & true. When we armed with the Gospel, we can in fact effectively reach the World. (Matthew 28:19)

Lastly, Acts Chapter 3 shows us that as we “see the World through the eyes of God”, “reach out to the world with the heart of God”; we will be able to impact the world as an extension of the Hand of God.  The Scripture says that Peter extended his right hand and touched the man. Peter touched him with the right hand of fellowship; The right hand of brotherhood. The right hand, that is a symbol of the power of God. When Peter touched the Lame man and lifted him up, the Bible declares that the man began to receive his strength in his ankles and legs. Then the Man was able to do three things he had never done in his life.  The Man began walking, leaping and praising God!

In Conclusion, it is our job as spirit-filled believers to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a world that does not know our God. We are called to witness to a world through the eyes of God that will allow us to see all humanity a worth saving. (John 3:16) We are called to reach the world without a judgmental spirit but rather reach out with compassion as with the heart of God. (John 3:18) Ours is to be faithful. If we are faithful, God will have an impact! It is God who saves. It is.  God who restores It is God who makes whole.

We have been transformed by a loving God. He has transformed us, that we might be agents of his transformation. It is now time for the mission outpost throughoutBrazil to train up missionaries to the world.  The Brazilian Church was charged to prepare missionaries to South America, The Continent of Africa, and to the United States of America . May God be with you as you “Spread the Fire!” Amen!



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October 02, 2015