Lent Challenge Letter


What an incredible Ash Wednesday/Lent service we had last night!  Together, we were reminded that at every age, growing in faith and power doesn’t happen by just wishing and wanting. It takes a determined effort on the part of every Believer!  In Mark 9:14-29, frustrated by not seeing the power of Christ manifested in their attempt to heal a sick boy, the Disciples questioned Jesus as to “Why couldn’t we….?”  Jesus replied, “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting”.  This stern admonition is one for us to take to heart even today!

Last night, we carefully thought about how we as individuals should fast and pray over the next 46 days. Our Cross Commitments ceremony was deeply moving in a way that felt beyond the moment.  I celebrate each of you who took that step to grow your faith and I encourage you to add attending weekly Bible Study to your Lent devotion.  I understand that for some making long-term time commitments is tough but for now I challenge you to just pledge the period of February 20  to March 27th. Make it a priority! I’m certain God will meet us in uncommon ways as we dedicate this time to Him.

The Roadside Life Group (mid-week service) takes place every Wednesday from 7-9pm and is open to all.  It’s a great time of worship, instruction, and conversation around growing in Christ! My desire is that CBSR be equipped, ready and excited to do “these things…” and more as the Lord guides.

In His Service,

Terrence Proctor
Senior Pastor of CBSR


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October 02, 2015