Here at Church By the Side of the Road, we recognize everyone who trusts in Christ alone for their salvation as a member of the Body of Christ.

So Why Have an Application Process?

As an official decision-maker with voting privileges in this particular body of believers (CBSR), it is important that you know who we are and what we believe.

The Welcome to CBSR class will introduce you to our Elders and Deacons, take you on a tour of the building, give an overview of our history and begin in-depth teaching on the biblical foundations for our Statement of Faith.

In class you will receive and review the following:

  • “Who We Are” – value statements
  • “Statement of Faith” (Our full Constitution & Bylaws are available upon request and will be included with your Membership Certificate)
  • “So You Want to be a Member…”
  • “Application for Membership”

(Note: Understanding 101 is the follow-up class and highly encouraged, but not required for membership.)

Responsibilities & Privileges

Official Voting Members of CBSR take on the following responsibilities and their corresponding privileges (or vise versa):

  • Attendance at Annual Corporate Meeting. Only members may have a voice in discussion or vote for: church officers, changes to the constitution, property decisions pertaining to buying or selling, approval for new Senior Pastor, etc.
  • Faithfulness in fellowship, worship, service and giving.
  • Commitment to discipleship and spiritual growth.
  • Eligible to be: Adult Christian Ed Teacher, Ministry Leader, Altar Ministry Worker, Deacon, Elder, Mission Representative, Recognized Short-Term Missionary.

Welcome to CBSR

Christian Education Class

Sundays @ 9:15am

This class is for you if:

  • You are new to CBSR
    (Church By the Side of the Road)
  • You are a long-time attendee and would like to know more about your church family.
  • You would like to hear what we believe about the main doctrines of the faith.
  • You are wondering how the church government and/or membership works.
  • You are interested in becoming a voting member of CBSR.

Please contact the church office if you have any questions about the Welcome to CBSR class or the membership process.


You may choose to get involved in ministry before becoming an official voting member or become a member but want to wait before volunteering.  For this reason, we have two applications:

  • Application for Ministry Service
  • Application for Membership

We ask that anyone who would like to volunteer complete the Application for Ministry Service.  This includes a background check and is mandatory for anyone working with children or youth.

Please note, we only use the background check to appropriately place people in ministry. It is a foundational belief of CBSR that we are made new in Christ. We never want to underestimate God’s power to regenerate and renew lives.

Application Process


Attend all six sessions of the Welcome to CBSR class (Sundays 9:15-10:15) which covers our history, government, and what we believe.



Upon completion of the Welcome class, submit the forms So You Want to be a Member and the Membership Application to the church office. If you are interested in ministry, also submit the Application for Ministry Service (found in the brochure rack).


A Board member will contact you to set up a meeting. This provides personal contact with a current church leader and an opportunity to ask any questions that may have arisen during the membership process.


When the Elders next meet, they will make a final decision and you will receive a letter regarding your status.


New members are asked to come forward on Communion Sunday to receive their certificate and be recognized before the congregation.