2017 Malawi Mission

The people of Malawi face hunger, disease and death without life-giving water.The current conditions in Malawi are dire due to a long-running drought and the effects of climate change. Malawi is seeing its worst drought in decades. While there are many lakes and rivers in Malawi, the poorer villages could be many miles from fresh water and do not have the means to capture and retain rain water when it comes.

What is the mission?

Church By the Side of the Road has identified two ways we can help the people of the Nsanje are collect and retain much needed water supplies. We are committed to raising enough funds to drill for at least two deep water wells and install the pumps to make these wells useful for farming irrigation and household use.We are sending two teams to Malawi. The first team will leave in June 2017. This team will include one of our missionaries, who lived in Malawi. They will lay the ground work and begin the drilling process.

Pastor Terrence Proctor will lead the second team in July 2017, to oversee the completion of the wells.

  • Raise $3,500 for each Well
  • First team travel to Malawi to secure contractors
  • Begin the drilling process for 2-3 deep water wells
  • Second team travel to Malawi to finalize wells
  • Nsanje people have fresh water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and farming irrigation

Support the Mission

Malawi Fundraiser Luncheon on June 11th at 12:30pm at Church By the Side of  the Road. We will also a Mission Awareness Concert on June 2nd at 7:30pm. Join us for one or both events and hear more about The Fresh Water Well Project!
You can donate to The Fresh Water Well Project by attending our Luncheon Fundraisers or using the give button below. Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can support the mission.


“What we can’t do alone, we can do together”

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