The Year in Review – 2009


Hello Saints of God,

2009 has definitely begun with a bang! Looking back, it seems 2008 just flew by.

It was only a year ago that God called us together as Pastor and people. The Installation Service seems like it was just yesterday. What a time we have had!

In reflecting on the year, I must say it is clear and obvious that God has been good to us! As a church, we have seen the hand of God move mightily in our midst! In this season of transition God has added to the church daily such as would be saved! (Acts 2:47) Many souls in the past year have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. Even more souls have come to recommit their lives to Christ. PRAISE THE LORD!

There have been many notable benchmark events this past year. Our church’s 75thAnniversary Celebration was phenomenal. However, in my opinion the highlight of the year was the gracious and heartfelt retirement celebration for our own Pastor Dennis Sawyer. Hundreds were in attendance to offer well wishes to the retiring Pastor Dennis Sawyer. Pastor Sawyer has had such a positive impact on the kingdom of God worldwide. Several missionaries from the foreign mission fields ( Brazil , Peru and Africa) where in attendance. They traveled great distances just to say “thank you” to Pastor Sawyer for his years of faithful service to God and God’s call on his life. On behalf of the congregation, the Joint Board presented the Sawyer’s with a round trip vacation throughNew England to experience the fall colors. In all of the celebration festivities, the pinnacle was the tear jerking, heart felt thank you offered by the lovely Mrs. Betty Sawyer. Her grace, eloquence, and faithfulness are inspiring to all.

As incoming Senior Pastor, I was given the challenge to address several key areas as a priority (Youth, Music and Young Adults). As we look back I would like to share some highlights of our progress.


I. Youth: The Youth Department (Roadside) has been revitalized. There have been several training workshop sessions for youth workers. We have been blessed by God to have the opportunity to bring on full-time Youth Minister Michelle Lang. Michelle has an anointed gift for working with youth, families, and the arts. Under her leadership the Youth Department has grown in quality and quantity. The numbers of youth participating in Wednesday night youth services has been as high as 60 at any given time. The youth have grown in their understanding of who Jesus is and developing their own authentic voice of praise, worship and service for the kingdom. The youth have participated in several church wide projects including the 75th Anniversary Celebration. They showed exemplary humble service as table waiters during the 75th Celebration Mission’s Dinner. On Good Friday, we were blessed by their performance in “The People’s Court”. During the summer they humbly served and helped others in our community through “Faith in Action”.


II. Music: The Music Department continues to make strides in their service to the congregation. The Praise and Worship Team has expanded to the point where we now have platoons of teams that can rotate throughout the month, so that no one person or group of people is burned out from serving the church body continually in this capacity. This has also allowed for those serving on the Worship Team to participate in Christian Education classes on Sunday mornings. The Worship Team has responded to the challenge of elevating their praise offering and there by elevating their ability to usher the congregation into the presence of the Lord for the purpose of corporate worship.  We thank God for their humility and ability to serve CBSR in such a spirit-filled fashion. Our souls are richer for their faithfulness. Thank you Sister Jennifer Meyer for your faithful leadership.


III. Young Adults: In the past year the Young Adult Ministry (Spotlight) was birthed. This ministry is reaching those from 19 to 30 years old. Spotlight’s ministry goal is to help young adults understand the theology behind what they believe. Knowing full well that this is the most volatile church demographic (19– 30 yr olds), it is our belief that we have been called to minister to young adults during this critical transition time in their lives. It is during this transition time of life that many young adults begin to question the faith of their youth and question the religious rituals of their parents. Spotlight’s ministry has done well to help young adults solidify their own understanding of God, who Jesus is, what the Bible says, and how to apply it in their own lives.  At this point, Spotlight consists of 12-20 regular attendees. We even have an outreach with a regular pick up atSeattle University . Thank you God for the revelation. Thank you Deacon David Kleppinger for your faithful service.


IVCommission: (Matthew 28:19-20) As faithful stewards of God’s grace, we as a church have been faithful in our proclamation of the Gospel of Grace. The invitation to the Gift of God’s grace to all who hunger for salvation and thirst for righteousness is given at every opportunity. God has been true to His Word (John 12:32“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” In 2008, CBSR lifted up Jesus! God has drawn over 150 souls to salvation; even more souls have rededicated their lives back to the Lord Jesus! We have had over 100 candidates for baptism and many of them completed the Baptism Class and were baptized. God has added daily to the church such as would be saved. Praise be to God for the things He has done!


Again, I say we have started the New Year with a bang! Our year (2009) began with a week of Fasting and Prayer. CBSR as a church family covenanted together to seek God and pray for a season of revival as He leads us through this season of transition and begins to prepare us to receive His vision for the next 75 years. Our corporate prayer emphasized 8 priorities:

  1. That we might experience a mighty move of God.
  2. That we would have a conscious awareness of God in our midst.
  3. That we might develop a new hunger for the Word of God.
  4. That the Word of God convicts us of sin (corporately & individually).
  5. That we would continue to grow in love & unity amongst the fellowship of believers.
  6. That we could not rest while other souls are yet lost.
  7. That we would develop a “spirit of expectancy” (expecting to see God move miraculously).
  8. That God would continue to grant us grace, strength, courage, and wisdom to engage the enemy in spiritual warfare.


I pray God’s blessing on you and your family. Join with us as we seek more of Him.

What a mighty God we serve! To God be the Glory for the things He has done!

In His Service,


Rev. Terrence Proctor

Senior Pastor


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