Why Rally for Hope?

Why Rally for Hope?
Five years ago, I led a formation of community leaders, churches & organizations to collaborate around an event called “Rally for Hope”.   Previous to my pastorate, I was an educator at a local alternative school.  Over the course of 15 years, I had become1471777525-9009-images accustomed to seeing your basic “at-risk and deviant” behavior among some of our students but in 2003, I was rocked & shaken by a sudden rise in violent events involving youth in our area.  There was what felt like a tangible loss of hope among our youth and it was leading them to live and act out in ways that said they were just giving up on life.  That really drove me to step out of my classroom and call the community of Believers to action on behalf of our children.
The “Rally for Hope V!” is the continuing cross-cultural collaborative effort of local churches, organizations and just 1471777515-8204-imagespassionate people with a heart to bring hope to the city.  Each year, the City ofSeattle has granted us a permit to hold this event in the heart of Downtown, right in front of Seattle ’s popular and prominent Westlake Mall.  Local organizations bring hundreds of kids from all over the city, while thousands of downtown dwellers and passers-by are 1471777528-6387-imagesdrawn to the music, variety of arts and just plain good feeling of what’s happening “just down the street”.  Last year over 2,500 people attended the event (in the rain) .



This event has a great reputation of staging the best local talent & ministries – who all perform their craft voluntarily – and for putting on display the many great things that youth are doing throughout our city.  Local News Stations have come downtown and broadcast the Rally highlighting the many people who are encouraged by the variety of 1471777527-5613-IMG-8387gospel presentations and the dozens of the city’s homeless who are fed by the free food and drinks provided by local ministry youth groups & ministries.  Additionally, The Rally for Hope has hosted a great line-up of inspiring speakers, who come to encourage & empower young people as they prepare for the arduous task of returning back to school and the complexities of young life. We have found that many youth who come to the Rally are really at a point of crisis and true to its name the rally provides them with that much-needed boost of hope for the journey.1471777520-9139-images

We believe in this time of recession and despair it is our call to turn up the volume on Hope and encourage the City more than ever before and we are willing to go to great lengths to fulfill this mission.




In His Service,1471777522-9078-images

Rev. Terrence Proctor
Senior Pastor
Church By the Side of the Road


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October 02, 2015